Residential Electricians

We take great pride in our work as residential electricians. We have vast experience in installing pot lights, hanging chandeliers, laying wiring in homes that are under construction, and updating existing wiring. Light is such an important part of what creates an atmosphere in a home. Every family is different and as such is every home. Lights can be used as much as any design element in interior design as well as exterior. You can use them to highlight certain artworks or parts of the room that you want to be noticed. If you wish we install dimmers in order to give you the ability to vary intensity of the light, this is particularly handy in dining rooms and living rooms in order to set the mood, whether it be for a romantic dinner or a family movie night. As mentioned we do install chandeliers and fans, they can make a room beautiful, not every room has enough space however. Pot lights are the most functional of lighting systems as they do not protrude and don’t draw attention to themselves as chandeliers do. Often a room can have a chandelier and potlights together. One is to draw the attention, other is to provide functional and efficient lighting. As residential electrician we pay very close attention to our clients needs, we offer advice on positioning of the lights in order to achieve the results you desire. Not every electrician in Toronto puts as much care and thought into their work as we do. As electricians in Toronto we have high standards of quality, which we bring to the GTA.