Panel Upgrade

An electrical panel helps provide electricity throughout the house. In time electrical panels can run into problems, especially in old homes. If the panel is outdated it can overload and put the safety of your family at risk.

How do you know if you need a panel upgrade?

  • Breakers constantly trip or fuses blow frequently
  • The appliances overload the electrical system or run at less than full power
  • Circuit breakers fail to trip, which can result in shocks, overheating and fire
  • Your home runs on a 60 amp electrical service
  • If you have 100 amp electrical service and it proves insufficient
  • To meet homeowners insurance requirements
  • You’re increasing the number of major appliances such as stoves, garage power equipment, spas, central heating and air, etc.

Our team at Vicamp is here to provide you with the best service Panel Upgrade at a reasonable cost. Take a look at our Electrical Panel Guide to compare the prices from different stores and call us for an estimate.

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