Lighting Design

Lights can be used to emphasize, accentuate and decorate interior and exterior of a house. Interior lighting can give rooms different tones, whether you want a warm dark corner where you can relax or a well-lit workplace for practical use. To build the impression you want for the room, there are a few factors you may wish to consider, such as the type of lighting (i.e. chandelier, potlights, etc.), and positioning. Here are some tips to help you:


The positioning of the lights in the room depends mostly on the shape of the ceiling and power of potlights being used. Our electricians know the radius of surface which can be lit by each type of bulb they use and use this knowledge to optimize potlight layout with regard to design and energy consumption. For example in narrow corridors and hallways it is usually enough to use one row of potlights in the middle of ceiling.
Hallway potlight layout example
In bathroom layout varies depending on whether it is combined with toilet or not. If yes, then there are usually three major object to well lit: bathtub or shower, toilet area and mirror (which should have the brightest lighting).

Bedroom and kitchen lighting layouts are always different. It depends on customers needs and tastes. Usually lighting in these rooms include not only potlights, but also chandeliers and table lamps.

We appreciate when our clients have their vision and know what they want, but if you don’t have a final vision – it is not a problem, we are more than happy to help! Our licensed electricians will be happy to help you to design the most efficient and safe lighting scheme.