Kitchen Lighting

Consider where you’d likely to do most of the work, make sure there is enough lighting in those areas. The spacing between ceiling pot lights should be 3.5-5’ depending if it is accompanied by other lights. Under cabinet low voltage 2” lights (look at xenon puck lights) should have 7-10” spacing to provide even lighting onto the counters. Xenon puck lights are reflected from dark granite countertops, if you have such a countertop you may wish to choose another type of lighting. An alternative for xenon puck lights is fluoro bar system, it provides even fluorescent lighting. For a less fluorescent light you can you use low-voltage bar light which still provides even lighting. If you have an island, for best look use decorative pendant lights. Pendant lights come in a variety of colors and styles, choose the one which suits your kitchen. Make sure that each major appliance, fridge, garburator, dishwasher, water dispenser has a separate 15 amp circuit, because it is a requirement for electrical code.