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If you have never been involved in building a house or doing major a renovation you may not be experienced with the process of electrical work that goes in it. If you are planning on having electrical work done in your home or your future home you may be interested in knowing the steps that come and why it is done that way in order to make some decisions. Our Vicamp Electrical Services team is very experience din electrical work especially ceiling lighting installation in Toronto, Mississauga, and Oakville areas. In this article we would like to illustrate the steps taken with an example of our recent work in ceiling lighting installation in Oakville for a subdivision of newly built homes. Our future articles will have examples and explanations of electrical work done in older houses for renovation, electrical upgrades, and electrical safety requirements.

Our example is a big project in a new development located in Oakville. Installation included ceiling lighting in Oakville, interior potlights and exterior potlights. This was done in 5 houses in the new subdivision north of Dundas and Neyagawa. The work was commissioned by the real estate agent to bring up the value of the new homes. Every home had from 60-110 potlights installed. The potlights used were 4 inches with PAR20 LED light bulbs rated at 7 watts. These lights are more energy efficient than their halogen counterparts, and thus are the right choice for environmentally friendly consumers. They are one of the first choices to go for when choosing ceiling lighting for a newly built homes but also great upgrades for those who wish to upgrade to have a more energy efficient home. Potlights in general have become a hallmark for interior design as they provide great lighting while not interfering with decor. For the second floor potlights used were IC rated as per electrical code. All ceiling lights installed were dimmable as per current quality and functionality standard. The dimmers for ceiling lights were all properly rated for LED bulbs. Outdoor potlights were installed around the house to give a beautiful look at night time. For outdoor potlights aluminum housing was used because it does not rust like metal. A different circuit was used for every group of 20-25 ceiling LED potlights as per electrical regulations. In dining rooms and breakfast areas our Vicamp team strategically installed chandeliers to provide the perfect ambiance for a sit down at a table.


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