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Recently it has become popular to install LED lighting, but what if you already have potlights with halogen bulbs? It is possible to get LED bulbs and save energy and money, switch to LED is simple. On the other hand if you don’t have any potlights what should you install?

Many do not realize but there is a difference between LED potlights and potlights with LED bulbs. Unlike regular lights, where the halogen bulb can be switched for an LED bulb, LED lighting cannot have any bulb other than LED. This is because LED potlights have a thermal safety switch with a lower temperature threshold to break contact than regular potlights. Therefore installing a regular bulb, which gets hotter than LEDs, into an LED potlight will result in weill result in lights periodically going out and lighing back up as the switch cools.

The fact that LED lights do not get hot makes them a primary choice for lighting in closed spaces where regular bulbs pose a fire hazard. There are some specific LED polights on the market that have special LED illuminators that cannot be replaced with regular LED bulbs. You should be careful buying those since the only replacement would be the exact same model or in some cases the entire fixture needs to be replaced. Some can last for years at a time which also can pose a problem once they go out, you may not be able to find the same model in 3 years if they get discontinued.

When buying LED lights it is important to check certification, make sure you do this step. Lighting is key component in creating a comfortable home, take your time to do the research and decide on the lighting fixtures that satisfy your tastes and functionality. If you’d like some advice please call or email us at Vicamp Electrical Services and we’ll be happy to help you.

LED light fixture (Great for kitchen area)
LED light fixture (Great for kitchen area)
Aluminum body dimmable  LED lighting fixture
Aluminum body dimmable LED lighting fixture
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