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Renovation is an integral part of living in a home. If you are thinking of electrical upgrades or heavy appliance additions you may not be able to estimate the cost for your renovation easily.

What size does the electrical panel have to be?

Some questions you may have are whether you need a service panel upgrades and what kind of upgrades you would need. There are service panels for 100, 200, 400 amps and the type you need will be determined by your electrical needs. We have added a quick online quote tool to calculate the size of your needed electrical panel which you can find under Online Quote on the menu. Select the parameters you need and it will calculate electrical requirements for the service panel.

Another tool we have added is a calculator for your energy consumption, you can see how much your spending varies with different light bulbs that are available on the market so before you make a decision on what kind of lights you want, you have all the facts.

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